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CARE Pakistan Quarterly Newsletter- January 2017


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In 2002, CARE International conducted a study that identified the central underlying cause of poverty in Pakistan as imbalance of power. This imbalance is manifested through systematic marginalization along gender, religious, class, caste and other socio-cultural lines throughout society. CARE opened its Pakistan office in June 2005 to address poverty at its roots. Globally, CARE recognizes that women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty; therefore CARE International in Pakistan focuses on realizing gender equality. This focus on means that CARE International in Pakistan(CIP) places special emphasis on working with women and girls for permanent social change. CIP's Long Range Strategic Plan puts governance and gender as the key to Empower and equip women. This approach is perhaps even more needed in Pakistan, where women are politically and socially excluded from decision making; have limited mobility; restricted access to basic services; lack economic opportunities; and suffer a high incidence of gender-based violence. In Pakistan, CARE focuses its work on nearly two- thirds of all poor and marginalized women.

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Gender & Governance

However defined, poverty in Pakistan has a greater impact on women and girls. Women are politically and socially excluded from decision-making, have restricted access to basic soci..

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In Pakistan, the barriers to health care access for women and girls remain significant, especially in rural areas where geographical distance, unawareness and certain cultural prac..

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An extraordinarily large number of the populations living in both rural and urban areas in Pakistan are illiterate, with women constituting more than half of that population. Henc..

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The majority of women in Pakistan suffer from poverty and lack access to basic human rights. At CARE, we realize the need to constantly evolve and find innovative solutions to thes..

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CARE first intervened in Pakistan after the disastrous earthquake of 2005 that took hundreds of lives and destroyed entire villages. We believe a little emergency preparedness can ..

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Located 45 km from Mingora, Swat, in the small village of Shaltaloo, the Shantaloo Government Girls Primary School (GGPS) had not been functional since 1998. Caretaker Abu Ali Shah, barely educated but literate, tried to take matters into his own